Sadly, Sheila wasn't the only one recently. A 35 year old man in Sudbury was denied a kidney transplant for being unvaccinated, and died in late July.

I'm starting to hate this country.


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Have you watched this video presentation on dangers of LNPs shown on Patent application by Pfizer to EMA one year before injections were bought out which clearly state not to given by injection? https://vimeo.com/807279310. Great presentation for lay persons to understand.

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I am endlessly frustrated that no one in the U.S. will investigate the massive medical malpractice instituted by the NIH, CDC, FDA when they used each state's medical licensure boards to ban doctors from providing EARLY, safe and effective medications for Covid on an outpatient basis that were available from the start. No one could get Covid medical attention until an emergency occurred, such as trouble breathing. By that point, the virus had overwhelmed the body, making treatment much more difficult. According to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, up to 90% of those who died would still be alive if they had been given early treatment.

No One Died of Covid – They Died of HHS, CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID Directed Medical Malpractice

This was mass murder to scare people into the useless and toxic jabs. No one is talking about the deaths or life-altering injuries either. All swept under the rug.

EARLY outpatient use of safe and effective medication available for Covid from the start = 90% FEWER hospitalizations / deaths.

90% FEWER hospitalizations / deaths = NO emergency use approval of the Covid jabs or Remdesivir

NO emergency use approval of the Covid jabs or Remdesivir = NO billions for Big Pharma

NO billions for Big Pharma = NO millions donated by Big Pharma to the CDC and NIH foundations

NO millions donated by Big Pharma for the CDC and NIH foundations = NO $5 million bonus for Fauci between 2020 and 2022


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Recent study about the deadly effects of the mRNA injections. Autopsies done by the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School on heart tissues of people who died shortly after “vaccination”.

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thank you for this article

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So you've all been Genetically Modified! How does that feel?

Common Sense prevails! Even the .02% Covid Death Rate that Trump accepts and has now been 'verified by EXPERTS' is bogus and exaggeratedly high.

Big Pharma sponsors hospitals, the media and other institutions to refer to all deaths as being caused by COVID, just to keep the profits up for Pfizer et al! Even drownings, suicides, car wrecks and shootings - It's all DEATH BY COVID!

The injections don't stop catching or transmitting Covid. The dangerous 'EXPERIMENTAL' shots have a 1 in 35 chance of causing irreparable heart damage.

NO LIABILITY is demanded by the criminals that make these deadly 'VACCINES'.

What crazy world are we living in? Never again will the people cooperate with such stupidity as lockdowns, segregation, masks, travel restrictions, and DEADLY jabs they insist on calling 'VACCINES'.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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What's in it for Brandon? Will it also be experimental with no alternative treatment allowed? Will there also be no testing of the "vaccine" required. Will it get emergency authorization and made mandatory wherever possible and with no investigating or reporting of adverse effects? Will it be given the full on propaganda blasting on all media non-stop with Dolly Parton pleading for everyone to take it more? Will it be especially for pregnant mothers and infants and school kids? Can my pets also have it? What about livestock and wildlife? Will Pfizer staff get a special one like all the important people and politicians get or will they be on the elite exempt list? Can we have lots of boosters to keep the effectiveness effective? Will there be no one accountable for anything as usual? Will my Grandma die if I don't take it as soon as it is available? Must everyone wear a mask or be arrested and beaten up. Must there be social distancing and no more than two for tea? Will we all need to have digital passports and give DNA samples? Will we need to have the track and trace app always activated on our smart phones? Will we be forced into a lockdown prison if we don't want it? Will Bill Gates and Fauci be coordinating the roll out? Will postal votes be encouraged for the next rigged elections? Will the Brandon felon be arrested, impeached or assassinated?



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