Addendum (loose notes that didn't fit neatly anywhere):

Twitter also requires users sign a 30-day holding period consent form with AU10TIX. This is likely to align with US law enforcement requirements, which requires US service providers hold potentially incriminating data for 30 days minimum. Whilst wholly US based companies can do this without asking for consent, the consent form is likely so they can meet European GDPR compliance rules (which require consent on data collection).

This implies Twitter intends to fully comply with any and all law enforcement requests to hand over your data - including ID, selfies, facial recognition data and threat profile. It wasn't added to the article because it is speculation on intentions (which is worthless reporting in this day and age), however it is a point worth discussing; do they plan to share your facial recognition data with the US government?

Another question to ask yourself is: why are they hosting data in an Israeli company, rather than a US based company, if Twitter plans to be an 'American hosted service' (to avoid EU censorship issues)? Similarly, why not a European based organisation if it's for compliance with European laws? The very odd jurisdiction selection with a known intel agency tied firm raises eyebrows.

EU and US have no enforcement jurisdiction over Israel, so if they sell off your data to third party firms or datamine it... you will have great difficulty proving it is even happening, and will have even greater difficulty litigating against it given the jurisdictional complexities if they misuse your data, which odds are, they will.

It isn't to bypass censorship, as this Israeli company is tied in with Europe itself (via the Netherlands), and ergo, likely tied into EU GDPR rules (and thus, EU laws on censorship). The EU probably won't care what they do with your data, so long as censorship is a thing.

(If Elon was aiming for censorship immunity he could have just routed payments through either Iceland or one of the endless tax havens found around the planet.)

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First take a selfie. Then stand in one fixed leg for 4 minutes and 13 seconds, then do 3 pirouettes.

Then to hear your voice, say the warm water recipe 7 times. Make sure it is not a recipe for hot water. Then blow your nose into the kitchen sink. Then answer to the question: are you a slave? You have just one option. Yeee, login successful. :)

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Isn’t that what we call “lockstep” rolled out in stages? It amazes me that people ever looked at musk as a knight in shining armor, even without this evidence. As I recall, his “armor” was a demonic Halloween “costume”. But hey, he said he was a promoter of freedom of speech (he’s so anti-establishment, after all!), as he assembled his content restricting enforcers, shortly after he took over twitter. Easy to spot…whatever lies they say, they do the opposite, yet keep telling the lies, while trying to obfuscate with the vast tentacles of connections. The sheep are the ones who keep them in business, and unfortunately, there are a lot of sheep.. Thank you for this expose.

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Sad to see Elon doing this to people and acting like the cuck Dorsey did in not telling the deep state to pound sand.

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Deleted it aready. Useless twits.

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Anyone who maintains an account on Twitter/X is a splitter.

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Government IDs are only "optional" now but starting in Sep, 2023, it will be mandatory for all users in Arkansas and in March 2024, it will be mandatory for all users in Utah

Utah's SB 152:



- see lines 236 - 278

Arkansas' SB 396 (or Act 689):


Given that "social media" is defined as any means of mass communication by end users, they had to include a large number of exceptions to limit the scope to avoid encumbering too many businesses. Outside of the specific case exceptions, the main condition for Utah is "5,000,000 account holders worldwide" (see line 160 in SB 152), while for Arkansas, it's $100,000,000 gross revenue (see pg 5 of the pdf) and derives 25%+ of revenue from running a social media platform (see pg 3). I'd say the bar is lower for Utah.

These were passed earlier in the year. It may be that Twitter is also anticipating such legal requirements because this government ID verification scheme that PC Mag only just published from a Twitter user now, was actually revealed to be in internal beta testing right around the time those same bills were proposed and passed, back in March 2023:


There are a number of other bills in states in Federal level to follow, all along the same line, with different rationale.

KOSA wants to implement mandatory IDs at the operating system or device level, run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, Federal Trade Commission, and the Secretary of Commerce:


- see SEC. 9. Age verification study and report.

... along with making platforms, like Substack, et. al. responsible for eating disorders, mental health issues, suicide, etc -- see: SEC. 3. Duty of care.

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Musk represents whatever benefits him at the moment. That's all.

That said, he's also 100% down with the whole 4th Industrial Revolution nonsense. Take a look at Neuralink. It's all about creepy ass cyborg humans. They say it's not. But then, Musk said Twitter was all about free speech -- before it wasn't.

It's obvious where this goes.

Musk didn't spend 40 billion dollars for "free speech." He spent it to stay on top, to maintain his elite status.

Musk hoodwinked millions of people. It's time they realize it!

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I am shocked!!! oh, wait, no....not so shocked.

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Your phone camera (most new phones it seems) is serial locked to your phone IMEA and so your identity. Yes the back camera too (though possibly they relented) even thought it has no purpose in facial access control. There is also no reason to assume that the cameras do not steganographiocally code their serial ID data into all images and video.

The selfie you take will positively link you to any pictures taken with your phone due to you linking it with your photo ID that they link to your mugshot. This is not for law enforcement or to protect children, this is to get data on people in positions of power to blackmail them and verify the participation of people at anti-establishment rallies or whatever where they may collect video without showing themselves but via a compromised camera.

I would be very happy if you checked this out and made a short post to warn people about these potential problems.

VERY INTRUSIVE and not freedom loving in any way.


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According to Christopher Bolyn, ICTS handled security at Boston-Logan and Dulles airports on 9/11. There are lots of other Israeli connections to 9/11.

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