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This has been bothering me since the get-go. Yes, I'm Jewish. Why didn't the government heed the warnings from Egypt? Why did they not heed the warnings from the IDF guys guarding the border??? Instead, they were told to stand down. Why disable the surveillance balloons?

And several dozens more questions, not to mention eyewitness (Israeli citizens) reports.

I don't know if we'll ever know. But something is terribly wrong here.

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"Is it so incomprehensible to think a government would kill their own citizens in order to justify a war with another set of citizens? We don’t think so, dear reader."

We know so. Operation Northwoods, 1962, declassified. Do a text search for "drone", or else read the entire portion entitled "Annex To Appendix To Enclosure A: Pretexts To Justify US Military Intervention In Cuba"


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It was so disturbing watching Israeli citizens line up for the shots, at the hands of the German/US BioNTech/Pfizer corporations. I thought "have you learned nothing?"

I don't make a great study of Israel/Palestine because complex/history. But you've put together something very plausible there. I've heard whispers of Zionists being fully involved in WW2. Would the US murder its own citizens as a pretext for war? Like 911?

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Thank you for your reply comment. Looking at the situation of the people around me who have been vaccinated, it has already been three years, and most of them seem to have no problems.

So, in your opinion, how often do you think excess deaths will occur from cancer, intractable neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases, myocarditis, etc. in 5, 10, and 15 years? ?

What percentage of vaccinated people do you think will have the spike protein, DNA fragmentation, plasmids, SV40 promoter, etc. integrated into their genomes?


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I'm looking at your article. Excess deaths are currently occurring around the world, and I am very interested in whether they will continue to rise five or ten years from now, or whether they will calm down without becoming a big deal.

My understanding is that it is highly unlikely that 300 million, 500 million, or 1 billion people will die within 10 years due to population reduction plans by Bill Gates, the WHO, the United Nations, the FDA, etc. I think I'll go there.

The thing I'm most curious about is what percentage of vaccinated people do you think will have DNA fragmentation, plasmids, SV40 Hersensor, etc. integrated into their genomes?



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