Hi Underdog / DB. Please see this BMJ study:


"Primary care.. Benzodiazepines, opioids.. Prescribing.. highest recorded.. coinciding with the UK peak number of deaths in April [2020]..

correlated strongly with total monthly deaths.."

Spearman’s rho Corr. ρ / April +%:

▪️ρ=0.93 / +78% Midazolam

▪️ρ=0.88 / +95% Levomepromazine

▪️(+30% +43% +60% Morphine tart.)




(more in comments/below):


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Absolutely excellent find! I will review for further details!

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Thanks. Please see their graph in Fig 2 bottom right (extracted in my twitter/telegram thread).

The Morphine tartrate figures are from the supplementary data.

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Wow this is an amazing piece of work. I hadn't thought about the use of hyoscine + buscopan like drugs but of course it must have been terribly annoying for the people administering midazolam to have their peace interrupted by the death gargles of those being drowned in their own saliva, so they dried them out with more drugs.

I'd like to apologise for my cynicism but I don't think I should, knowing that this was a mostly treatable disease.

You know what doesn't treat COVID? Or any cold, or any post-viral pneumonia?

Haloperidol. Midazolam. Hyoscine. Diamorphine. Levomepromazine.

God forbid those crazy conspiracy theorists didn't have any influence on these doctors and care home managers. Otherwise they might have been given those dangerous hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin and zinc drugs. You know, the ones that killed nobody.

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Most of these drugs were initially unknown besides the three highlighted by Jikkyleaks and Dr John Campbell initially. Myself and two other fellows did our best to brute force the prescriptions database to find other spikes.

We found nearly all the spikes were in injection ampoules, so narrowed the search to those (by extracting the auto-complete list that shows when you search 'ampoule'), then after getting enough examples, I noticed they were using similar starting BNF codes (the first 7 digits) and searched along parallel lines of similar drugs that were ampoule related. We mapped it out to 'palliative' care pathways based on the listed drugs and searched other drugs in 'palliative' to catch the outliers.

I've uploaded a copy of the spreadsheet where I captured the data if you're interested in reviewing:


It isn't exhaustive, and I think we're missing many of the crash-graph drugs, but only so many hours can be endured of manually testing drugs. There were also a few drugs that spiked in March but as they were outside timeframe they were excluded.

With the resistance and distraction efforts by the UK government I think it is vital that attention be drawn to this.

We also have an example case posted by one Twitter user where Midazolam was given same day as death, but COVID-19/pneumonia was listed (also evidence Oakeshott is working to suppress this):


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There should now be enough evidence to report the government to the police for mass murder?

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Given the police work for the government, are funded by the government, and do the government's bidding, I do not think reporting it to the police will achieve the desired results. It may cause some police officers to perhaps quit or change sides, but I doubt we'd gain the full policing power necessary to prosecute.

I would also say private prosecution is off the table because it can be taken over by the Crown Prosecution Service at any time. The government will not convict itself, and you cannot vote tyrants out of power.

Essentially we are facing the reality we are in Nazi Germany 2.0 where all of the cogs have been installed and are now running, complete with systematic mass murder. I know this much: a resistance movement must form.

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The resistance movement has formed and people like yourself and the subscribers are that movement.

I have watched John Campbell from the beginning and he is is in my mind the best example of how far we have come.

I think it important to encourage people to contact there MPs to voice there concerns.I don't see it as futile as many will say, it's purely a numbers game.

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[Posted this to the wrong comment, apologies, corrected]

I don't object to people trying, but I do not want them under the illusion of thinking they'll succeed.

See the Robbers Cave article as to why:


Also why Representative Democracy is Dead (society has outgrown it as a model):


Andrew Bridgen, as far as MPs go, is an outlier. A good outlier, but an outlier. To put his switch in context, I gained more traction with BLM than I have Houses of Parliament. He is the UK's micro-version of Ron DeSantis (and to be fair, I don't entirely trust Ron but I will work with what I've got).

Their peers do not switch due to a lack of evidence - the evidence is overwhelming at this stage - they do not switch because they are personally vested in ensuring their preferred outcome. It would be no different than if a person told me they were going to speak with their Nazi Party 'representative' in Nazi Germany to complain about the Death Camps.

After all, who do you think drove the Midazolam Murders in the first place? The MPs must have known. *Someone* gave those orders.

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Remember they also withdrew or significantly reduced life saving anti-biotics.

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Yes, care homes in the UK have a major history of neglect. The article would be even longer if I documented the neglect history of everything they withheld (everything from water, food, to resuscitation)!

From my standpoint, I think most people accept the neglect factor as a commonly known aspect of care homes, and I feel like mentioning it distracts from the intentional administration of poisons, as people will go 'maybe they just neglected them to death'. The neglect alone wasn't sufficient, otherwise they wouldn't need to administer the poisons.

Man these are some dark times.

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Agree. I have a friend that is home carer and in lockdown-1 in Scotland the discharged sick old people from hospital to home she would care for she was given orders from GP not to give food or even water. She refused of course but this is how they generated the 'COVID' deaths.

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As an added bonus, this sudden jump in mortality coincides with the "covid is so deadly, it will kill everyone" surge in hysteria.

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OMG just speechless, as a society we have lost it, appreciate all the hours of work in producing this work

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Thanks for your diligent research on this distressing topic. It appears there were some valid concerns about NG163 expressed in the BMJ in April 2020.


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Wow, that BMJ article just adds yet more weight to the criminality.

"There is no mention of the potential pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic drug interactions between the antibiotics that could be used for bacterial pneumonia in the community (e.g. clarithromycin/erythromycin, ciprofloxacin/levofloxacin) [10,11] and opioids or neuroleptics. For people who are not on antibiotics this will be of no consequence; but for those who are, it could lead to opioid toxicity including prolonged QTC interval."

"NG163 states: “Sedation and opioid use should not be withheld because of a fear of causing respiratory depression.” If COVID-19 infection were uniformly fatal, this would be an acceptable statement. But for people not previously known to be at the end of life, there is potential risk of unintended serious harm, if these medications are used incorrectly and without the benefit of specialist palliative care advice."

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Great work Beagle. 👍

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What researchers have known about for a year now, is that governments have repeatedly and illicitly dipped into pension funds until there is next to nothing left, and that the only possible remedy is to kill off as many age pensioners as possible.

What is also known is that the politicians, bureaucrats, police, and judiciary are now hopelessly corrupted, so there is no longer any point to talking about prosecutions. These same professions are also endemic to paedophilia and child trafficking, so the capacity for blackmail and control is obvious.

Unless other readers are vastly more inspired than me and can suggest alternatives, if we want to stop this we must ask the soldiers we know if they are there to defend the government or the people?

When we encounter geuine patriots and defenders, ask them to assist citizens launch reclamation of legitimate government. This may sound melodramatic, but so too is democide. One thing I know for sure, 'non-violent peaceful protest' will result in another stream of deaths. Anybody who thinks pleas for compassion and humanity will melt the hearts of psychopaths, is seriosly delusional.

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My mom's medical records showed that she had been given midazolam and hydro-morphone along with two other drugs. These drugs were administered via a syringe driver late at night after all but one of the family members had left for the day and while my mom was peacefully asleep in her hospice bed not complaining of any pain. I knew it was pre-meditated murder and reported the doctor to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. What I got in response was a condescending letter from the College thanking the doctor for her "compassionate care"

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I think hydro-morphone was involved with my Mom's death too. She was moved to a palliative bed for the final couple of days. I had the feeling, that her Dr knew the last bag caused her to pass a little sooner than otherwise. Though, I didn't believe it to be pre-meditated. The Dr. was available for discussion afterwards. Which in itself, I found was a little weird, like she was hoping we wouldn't raise a stink.

Pre-covid. No doubt a lot more of these events happened the last few years, and are assigned as Covid deaths.

I wish you Peace.

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Obviously not possible to comment on individual cases or infer as such.

The spike in ordering for Midazolam in April 2020 was very abnormal and not particularly well justified.

I do recognise some people reach their time, however in current medicine, the doctor is supposed to only ease/treat symptoms, not speed up passing (which is euthanasia). So what we would expect to see is Symptom X validly warrants Drug Y causing Improvement Z, with the idea dosages are increased as symptoms get worse.

What we're seeing is Symptom X is being used to reverse-justify Drug Y which isn't indicated for that usage, which actually makes Symptom X worse, which reverse-justifies more Drug Y. This is a death spiral.

Morphine I could understand, as a painkiller it isn't meant to treat anything, but address/comfort pain.

But Midazolam is a non-painkilling sedative.

Further, there has been no meaningful public discussion nor debate on these practices in carehomes, or whether or not they are ethical and medically sound. It seems to have been introduced by stealth from seemingly nowhere, for an unclear purpose, with a vague authorisation.

The UK social care crisis evaporated after the Midazolam spike.

I know what that implies.

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Do you know Scott Schara? A fellow Canadian who also lost his disabled daughter to this cull and has been campaigning ever since:


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Wow, this must be the most thorough investigation in to the care home murders, superb work.

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You quite rightly highlighted that Midazolam has no painkilling properties and that's presumably why they used Morphine at the same time. Patients (or should I say residents!) simply "slipped away", not in pain perhaps but with shallower and shallower breathing until there was no way back.

Thanks for your excellent research

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Wow that is disturbing but not surprising. Thanks for all the meticulous research.

Looks like when I added "The Giver" comparisons (showing how the oligarchs were sending who they deemed as "useless eaters" to "elsewhere") in this video, it was very apt indeed https://archive.org/details/covid-psa-scamdemic101 I just did not include all the data on how they were being sent to "elsewhere", sounds like this midazolam stuff played a large part indeed.

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I researched the stats in Alberta re: Covid & Dementia patients. It seemed pretty obvious, that at the very least, they were lumping in the soon to be dead from Dementia, to increase the "Covid caused it" stats.

Care homes are significantly understaffed in Alberta, and there is an obvious incentive, to use meds to reduce demand from patients by sedation. It seems to be the goal is to have the, "patient unresponsive to stimuli".

Here's Alberta's 2020 recommendations. I believe it's 24-48mg/day, if the patient is lite weight.


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Excellent article.

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Harold Shipman🤔

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Harold Shipman was painted as a rogue, and prosecuted, jailed. Perhaps an attempt to 'clean up loose ends'?

The irony is palpable that they have standardised his unethical practices since then.

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It would seem there are good deaths and bad deaths depending on which side of the fence the viewer is sat on and the selection criteria.

Harold Shipman may of had a much greater legacy than has been realised and had a very profound effect on the present establishment.

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"there are good deaths and bad deaths depending on which side of the fence the viewer is sat"

I take the "dangerous" view that if one adopts the mindset of a hammer, they will perceive and turn everything into nails to be hit. Likewise any sort of assisted murder; if your sole focus is helping someone die, then you won't try to reduce how many you "help", but instead will constantly expand, looking for more nails to hit with your assisted murder hammer.

We've moved beyond the healthcare approach of 'treat cause, regulate symptoms' into the realm of 'proactive overdose regime to prevent someone catching a mild case of death'.

None of the drugs listed assist with breathing, they make it worse, and unfortunately there was one document I wanted to quote but lost in the litany of other documents; a circular assisted murder declaration that said if the 'patient' was drowsy and bedbound after giving them Midazolam (a drug that makes them drowsy and, surprise, bedbound), then to keep circularly increasing the dosage.

Whoever wrote these documents was a malicious, insidious bastard, because they told nurses to look for symptoms that the drugs themselves cause, as a sign that they should administer more of the drugs with the intention of ending their life.

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