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You never need to apologise, dude! We subscribers know you're righteous and hardworking. We know you're trustworthy, because you've earned trust.

I've never heard the term 'IP loggers' before - what a naive world I now realise I inhabit! (I

just stay off Twitter!) It's great that you use your skills to defend others.

I don't know what to say other than please don't carry the world on your shoulders. I'll pray that God opens doors for you so you can carry on using your skills to serve truth and justice. God bless you!

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Love that you were protecting the quarterback - Jikky is lucky to have your support

Good on you for being honest and hopefully some brain storming will open some doors that pay the bills and also allow you to continue with this amazing work 🙏🙏🙏

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Thank you so much for writing this article and documenting the abusive behavior.

I experienced something similar and ended up blocking them.

However, I'm happy to debate them 1-on-1 on any topic of their choice. Not a single one of them has accepted.

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Quite the dilemma. More than sympathetic; alas an overextended senior trying to read more than he should. Good my daughter not here to see. OTOH caught your comment on Kirsch and was intrigued by the degree of trivia involved in some really important areas. I feel we are in the middle of real turmoil of trust which leads to same walking away, others blissfully unaware, others in frustration about clarity.

I can more than appreciate the effort required to assemble well founded material using various tools. Then condensing that into readable content. Reminds me a my days of dial-in and huge long distant charges, excessive hours, complaints by wives - why are these RFC's so damn important! Full time work not done as well as it should have been, but OK. As least I had full time work, food on the table, a wife. Heady days of the 80's. Days of Usenet forums. Micronet, Fido and CIS. The armies of the past, IP-loggers, indeed have returned - a few do-gooders among paid shills.

I suspect that those who wish to affect real public thought must have financial freedom and patron support. A new publishing arena has arrived but bandwidth has never been free. The fragmentation of society and reintegration will take time as we tire of echo chambers. Musk the friend and enemy reflecting the greed of Gates on every desktop.

Best of luck with your journey. Vaya con dignidad.

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This was a great article. And screenshots rule. I cross-posted. That might help.

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Mate I never returned to say "Thanks heaps!" for digging into that stuff for Geoff Pain PHD. I get paid on Tuesday and I'll actually toss ya a year sub to help out cuz I enjoy your writing (I keep trying to cull my subscriptions for the sake of my bloated inbox but meh! I'll keep on a-sorting!)

My third dog was a beagle. I think they're too naughty to own another one, though!

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Great work. Thank you for what you do.

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Also, would it be helpful for people to move to the fediverse perhaps?

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Have you thought about Jon Guy could actually be a bot account? And how absurd is it to post a meme saying that anti-vaxxers support pharma... if that were the case why would a profit oriented industry try to sell people 1 single vaccine and cut drastically into their own profits?

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YES!! Finally, you're getting the recognition you deserve!! Unless I've gone completely doolally, Jessica Rose has reposted you! Well done, dear Underdog! May this be the turning point in your fortunes and may you now have all the subscribers you've worked so hard for. X

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This is tough, UD. I really enjoy your articles but keeping a roof over your head is more important. One of the rough things about Substack is this is where everyone fled from the censorship during COVID. I found you through Edward Slavsquat recommending your stack. Twitter has stopped substack sharing so unless other external sites link a stack, new traffic diminishes. Normally I'd suggest listening to that quiet inner voice but I don't want to sound trite. Either way you decide, I have been greatly informed by your work and wish you the absolute best.

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I guess you need to find a day job that pays the rent but doesn’t consume your whole life. There’s no point dropping TDB to take on something else speculative.

If you can find a steady paying job then there’s no reason you couldn’t also do 1-2 articles per month on the side.

I came here because Steve Kirsch mentioned your EMA leak article and I see Steve is commenting on your articles, which means he would probably help you out again in terms of a free promotion. There are plenty of others like him who might also help Margaret Anna Alice, Igor Chudov, uTobian, Robert Malone etc.

100 x 100 is 10,000 not 100,000 by the way. Connecting to 10,000 people shouldn’t be too difficult.

Don’t feel uneasy about self promotion. Upgrading to paid option should be mentioned in every article. Buymeacoffee is another option for people who can’t afford $50.

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Hi Jessica,

I really love your work, your focus and commitment, the World, indeed humanity needs the likes of yourself with the intellect, passion, drive and instinctive humanity, the desire to right wrongs, to have truths only manifest, truths embellished with unmitigated fact, truth in need of having the brightest of light shone upon, indeed, having said such and without going off on a religious tirade, I am reminded of two of my most favourite verses that seem so poignant this matter at hand namely…

- And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not

- He came unto his own and his own received him not

Both, a summation and representative of your misgivings, as written the end of your Substack… tellingly so in my view.

What little of your circumstances I do know and have learned of that you’ve kindly shared, is that it will not be enough for mere Platitudes and Bon homies, although both are nice to receive, to sustain you in terms of your endeavours as evidenced your outstanding work.

Therefore, perhaps the time has come, whereby people comprising your audience must truly decide if the truths offered them, truths for which for so many today are unobtainable and beyond reach to themselves, more so, given the limiting factors that limit such, limited as we all are the lack of real subject intellect and knowledge, together with what many consider to be the daily grind, the mundane to which most are ritually subjected, comprising… family, work, living, just surviving, alongside the best known salient that constrains us all, time.

As a result, perhaps it isn’t such a bad idea to take the next step and plunge yourself into a campaign to ask, directly for that which you need to sustain you financially …literally.

I’ve always believed and held firmly to the following which has sustained me throughout my life, something my parents oft repeated, drilling the same into me from my earliest years and which, as a consequence, having applied, has enabled me to accomplish everything I wished in life thus far… it can be I respectfully submit, applied to every aspect of your life, irrespective the need, want, goal, aspiration, simply put it is….

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get, worse you will never know, left walking through your life wondering, what if?…Hence, never be afraid to ask, better to know than not ever know, to be certain of and thus face head on what mightn’t or cannot be, to know with certainty in order to move ahead, of what could actually be… thus eliminate the doubts, whatever fear of rejection you might harbor, just ask and get to know for sure, in doing so you’ll eliminate your own uncertainties in order you can go forward to the next…. “

I guess what I’m saying is perhaps a way of achieving what you need is to set a goal, the amount you need , you’ve budgeted it all, I ask you share it, share it by the “Ask”, by seeking direct support, let those of us who truly value you, your work, your passion, who identify with and value your humanity, yourself as a person… decide what we can to in order to help you realise this goal.

I believe, predicate completely on the knowledge and enjoyment that I have personally gained from your outstanding work, from your research, your writings, consisting in the main of your elaborating on things I had not an inkling of, or only a mere understanding and rudimentary, passing knowledge that you encapsulate so well is worth the “ASK”, I mean, the previously unknowns included in your articles that you have bought to my attention, all excellent, topical and being content that most of us, your audience and readership I would advance would undoubtedly appreciate knowing and having gained knowledge of vs the alternative of still being unawares, truly has enlightened those of us who care about this world we live upon, of where it is heading, where it is taking us, our children, as well as what awaits our future generations, thus we are I can attest, better for the experience of the knowledge gain achieved from the simple act of reading your work.

Thus by your doing so, setting the number, sharing that with us, then simply Asking, that we, your readers can then determine the level to which we can fiscally support you, undoubtedly, it will transpire, some able to do so more than others, but then every little bit helps, every pledge made will assist you to secure better certainty of the financial support you have identified, that you know you require.

At the very least and by doing so, you get to retain control, your freedom, to be the final arbiter, based soley upon the level of support garnered, the financial support freely given, you decide what you can do reflective the support obtained.

It might result that the support level only enables a part time commit, nevertheless with the passage of time it just might evolve that greater numbers read, learn and have the same experience as I, thus themselves wishing to subscribe or donate, perhaps you might find in your audience sufficient support to meet entirely the financial requirement you set and notify, all I can say is, get it out here amongst us, so that in turn we are able to decide the level of support affordable to us as individuals, as families, or as a business that we can give.

Set up this one off Ask campaign for pledges from your readership, time for us to determine if we take only or in times of need, can give back, moreover to a circumstance such as described above where the takeout and personal gain from doing so is inestimable.

I firmly believe it to be worth such a shot, that your worth it, but in reality it’s easier for an individual, family or business to determine what can be done to support, when in consideration of doing so, you know the actual requirement, hence, as noted above..

* Finalise and Lay out your budget

* Share it

* Don’t be effusive with the numbers, just as you’ve done so with all of your writings, lay it all out.


As I’ve noted, I believe, as your audience… most if not all will be intellectually mature, smart and kind enough to then determine, as measured against your financial actuality, just what we can each do to help you achieve the budget you have set and advised, to achieve the goal of having you indulge your own and by default, our own vicarious passion for the subject matter you so adroitly cover.

Whatever quantum eventually pledged and that might result, giving you as ultimate arbiter, the final say and dictate in terms of what you know pursuing this vocation, that you can and are able to give in return, as will be required measured against any amount raised.

Soooooo, as I’ve noted and now know I’ve laboured, just “ASK” girl, give it a shot, after-all there’s nothing more nor less to lose, nor that is on the line or at stake, than what you already are aware of and have shared with us in your article


Hope this helps, it’s just the first thing I could think of in response to your call/ask for ideas.

Best always from Your Kiwi Fan

Kia kaha…

Strength in unity.

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Thank You, Underdog!

Engaging-the-enemy is appreciated.

We all need to engage the enemy, and be seen doing so.

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God speed...

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Get yourself sponsored by a VPN provider!

OK, maybe you're not ready for that. Can't bootstrap sponsorship at your current scale, material too contentious, will scare away most potential sponsors.

I'd rather you keep up the "citizen journalist" thing but make it sustainable. Igor Chudov seemed to do it. A handful of other covid-dissent substacks have blown up mostly from, as far as I can tell, entertainment value or personal charisma. I don't subscribe to any of those at present.

But even when I take extended breaks from reading my too-many substack subs, I still read Jeff Childers' "Coffee and Covid" every morning. He's annoying in some ways, but I think he has a winning format:

+ Covers a small range of topics that he's personally invested in and feels strongly about

+ Publishes every single morning, like clockwork, with paid-only "bonus posts" on Sundays

+ Cites and winnows a bunch of upstream sources that would be too tedious for me to do myself

+ Civil and professional tone throughout, light humor, abstains from speculation

I can't speculate as to whether that would work for you, but I hope you give it a shot, and I promise to chip in if your areas of interest overlap my own. I think the periodic and frequent publication criterion is essential. Just choose how much time you'll spend on it, stick to your limits, and keep plugging away at it. Might want a day job, meanwhile: JC's a practicing lawyer.

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