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Lol, UD. You will not win this one with Georgie&Donny. True believers will hide, obfuscate, muddy the waters, and move the goalposts. I can buy it on covid-19 since there is some evidence that the seasonal flu and colds were conflated to be covid (the hinky quick tests and pcr for example). Virus non-believers hit a brick wall when it comes to bacteriophages. Russia developed a whole field of medicine around bacteriophages as a mode of treatement, in lieu of antiobiotics, for bacterial illnesses such as strep. I guess electron microscope imaging is fake too. Terrain theory, while interesting, does not hold up otherwise bioweapons would be useless.

Another good article from you! Thanks for breaking it down. The SV40 sequences are scary. A whole new generation burdened with that abomination and adenoviruses thrown in for good measure. Times like these make me realize Bill Cooper, Alex Jones, and others who were called crazy conspiracy theorists were right.

I found your substack after I subscribed to Edward's.

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Hiya, I'd just like to raise awareness that like all other viruses there's no evidence that adenoviruses exist. What they are injecting is some toxic cell culture contents, maybe with some altered sequences of RNA or DNA. There is no evidence anywhere that these sequences form entities that are replication competent, pathogenic and infectious

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