Additional comment: I imagine some readers will fear this is some sort of virtue signalling exercise where I scream 'RACISM!' and demand some sort of boycott; I've noticed a handful of unsubscribes and I appreciate the dissent.

Frankly, I'm not remotely hurt by Drew's comments, which have no evidence and no rationale. I'm simply here to expose how shallow his arguments are when confronted with contradictory behaviours, and also to raise awareness of what actual systemic racial abuse looks like (it isn't people calling out your behaviours anonymously on Twitter).

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Nov 30, 2023Liked by The Underdog

"social media influencer" LOL. Have you ever come across a "social media influencer" who didn't have Low IQ Syndrome? I haven't.

They don't even grok that the job description of "social media influencer" is abjectly humiliating. That's why they end up to be entertainment for the high IQ folk.

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So glad I don't use any of that crap. It's here to keep us...entangled, imo. best

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Racism against white people is not a thing. (It's just dismissal, which because there is no structural power behind it, has no oppressive or exploitative impact.) Bullock's X feed makes you wonder whether he does anything at all but tweet incessantly in defence of the industry which you rightly point out is extremely racist. And he probably views 'vaccine equity' as increasing Pfizer and Moderna's mRNA-jab profiteering globally. I feel those are the more significant dynamics which you've highlighted here.

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