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I've sent the link to this article to UKCVFamily, Daily Exposé, and TCW Defending Freedom. I've also tried to send it as a message on the HART website but it didn't seem to submit it.

I hope you get more traction on this, Underdog. All the best!

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November 2022 = the NIH/NAID (?) has just given another massive Grant to the Wuhan team to continue to experiment on bat viruses (Germ Warfare aka Bio-weapons) using 'Gain of Function' that maximises impact of bat viruses on humans. Vax makers must accept LIABILITY foir injuries & DEATHS caused by their deadly injections. Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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Thank you, Underdog! May your suggestions fall on fruitful ground and grow into powerful action.

For one, I'll forward this article on to HART (UK medical professionals) and to the UKCV Family, a group of people with vaxx injuries. Also I'll see if the Daily Exposé will republish it, to get a wider audience.

While you're building your audience figures, it would be great if you could get occasional items in ZH etc. For example, I think your fascinating article on incels would go well in Medium, maybe? That could link people back to this Substack?


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Many of these potential remedies are foreclosed in the U.S. due to the PREP Act, which provides broad liability protection to pharmaceuticals, employers, schools, etc.. One remedy not listed but is very much an option is workers compensation claims by people required to be injected by employers. This is an excellent way to sue the employer for any injuries, and will result in immediate increases in the employer's workers compensation insurance.

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