Phenomenal research. Maui residents were unknowing living in a technological frying pan that was just waiting to be activated by the dark triad. This level of evil is beyond comprehension, but the reason is:

These cities are being destroyed so they can be bought up for pennies on the dollar. Most will be impoverished or killed and those left alive will be imprisoned in tiny areas while the wealthy have the run of the place.

All of this - the catastrophic lockdowns and deadly injections included - are geared toward maximizing pain and death, while destroying economic, social, physical, and mental productive capital on a vast scale. All designed to lead directly to global dependence-based enslavement where you will eat ze bugs and own nothing and be happy about it - or else.

In other words, their goal is to demolish our ability to support ourselves, transforming us into abject slaves reliant on their "generosity" for our survival.

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I'm in UK and have had solar panels for over 10 years. Before I knew anything about ESGs and the Agenda, my electric meter was to be replaced and I was told SMART meters not compatible with solar panels. Now I get monthly texts telling me to book my installation which they say they are "compelled" by government to fit. My FIT tarrif provider is no longer my energy provider although easy enough to find out as I get weekly calls from different companies to "maintain" my solar panels.

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While I do think smart meters likely contributed, there is no way all the anomalies can be explained by them.

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